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Exterior Coating Services for Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks & Chemical Tanks

Bolted and welded steel tank exteriors are susceptible to corrosion brought on by many outside causes. In all cases, once corrosion has started under the tank's protective coating, the structural integrity of the vessel can be affected and if not corrected, eventually compromise the useful life of the tank. Our experienced coatings specialists can advise you as to the proper process and products for your tank's exteriors to allow them to achieve their maximum useful life.

>> Click play below to see a LP Tank that was sandblasted and recoated with 2 coat epoxy - plus a urethane UV protectant top coat. 15 to 20 year life expectancy in Evansville, Minnesota.<< 

Sand Blasting

If rust, contaminants and stains are impacting a surface, often times the only way to thoroughly clean it involves a form of sandblasting. Sandblasting removes dirt, debris, paint, rust and most other surface contaminants to leave you with a clean surface ready to be coated or painted.

Sandblasting is a cleaning method for a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, steel, concrete and so many others. Our services are provided typically for cooling towers, pipelines, pools, buildings, agricultural equipment, tanks, and more.

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