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Kennels and Animal Hospital 

Kennels and Animal Hospital 

  • Animal holding facilities

  • Veterinarian clinics

  • Dog kennels

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Antimicrobial flooring • Seamless • Excellent chemical, solvents and alkali-resistant • Easy-to-maintain • Impermeable to animal waste, floors will not absorb odors • Customizable slip-resistant floor finish options • Withstands exposure to harsh disinfectants and sanitizers • Solvent-resistant and betadine-resistant topcoat available • Abrasion, scratch, and puncture-resistant

High Performace Coatings Minnesota utilizes the latest development in coating technology. Our Animal & Veterinary Flooring Systems are impermeable and resistant to animal waste, odor absorption, staining and the harsh cleaners used for sanitation. Our systems provide long-term solutions and the best possible environment for the animals. Our systems provide a sanitary environment for animal shelters, animal care facilities, kennels, and veterinary hospitals. Our systems are durable, easy to maintain and clean, and will save the facility money by eliminating the need for constant repaints and flooring maintenance. 


CUSTOM SYSTEMS Our Animal and Veterinary Flooring Systems are custom designed to meet your specific facility budget and use requirements.


WALL SYSTEMS Our two-component epoxy/urethane wall systems can be applied over concrete, block, wood, drywall, and cement board. Our Wall-Systems are chemical and solvent resistant and can withstand constant cleaning and power washing. Our systems are seamless, eliminating joints that harbor moisture that could lead to bacteria growth. • Impact Resistant • Antimicrobial • Seamless • Easy to Maintain

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