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It’s easier to clean. Epoxy-Seal Concrete & Garage Floor Epoxy not only gives your garage showroom appeal, but also resists stains and cleans up much easier than bare concrete. Epoxy garage floor paint resists oil, salt, grease and chemicals, so they’re easy to just rinse away. They won’t soak into the floor and be impossible to clean like bare concrete. It’s an easy way to keep your garage floor looking clean and neat. 

Hides Imperfections

Epoxy-Seal Concrete & Garage Floor Paint with added flakes, hides flaws and hairline cracks in your concrete. You can take an ugly, cracked floor and turn it into a high-end garage without spending a ton of money.

Less Slippery

Adding a little clear-grip into your garage floor epoxy, will make your surface non-slip and add a measure of safety to your garage floor. No more slipping on rainy and snowy days.

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Stop hiding your garage like your toes when at the beach - rather showcase your garage. Your garage is one of the largest rooms in your home. Yet in most cases a space people hide.  Our customers love to display their garages after floor restorations. 

Adds Personality

Bare concrete tends to absorb light, while an epoxy floor tends to reflect it. If you work in your garage, having more light is a bonus – it’s much easier 

Brighten Up Your Garage

We all know the difference in selling a home that is presentable.. As well, selling a home less than desirable. Our homeowners have provided testimonies on their garage floor being a key factor potential buyers commented on when showing interest. Where it was a space traditionally rush over when showing a home it became an area coveted.. 

Increase Value
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