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Refinishing/Painting of Steel/Aluminum/Metal Siding on Residential Homes, Commercial & Industrial Buildings with High Performance Coatings, Inc in Minnesota has big benefits!!


Everyone wants a metal siding paint refinishing job to last as long as possible. This task is made more difficult with exterior exposure, since paint finishes have to deal with sun, rain, temperature fluctuations and more, all of which wreak havoc with a paint finish.

Never is this more critical than when refinishing exterior metal/steel clad or aluminum clad siding on large industrial or commercial buildings. Particularly in the spring and fall when daily temperature variations are high, the metal substrate heats up and expands during the day, while at night it cools and contracts considerably when compared to any other painted surface.


Siding Coating & Refinishing Systems

This means the coating used for industrial building siding refinishing has to be designed for high levels of expansion and contraction, or it will soon crack and fail as it is stretched beyond its capabilities. Highly flexible coatings are required, combined with excellent fade resistance and gloss retention to withstand the sun exposure.

Coating selection becomes even more important when dark colors are being used since they absorb more heat during the day; the dark surface can become over 50 degrees F hotter than a comparable light-colored surface.As well, fading is more noticeable on dark colors, so color retention characteristics are more important.

Regular industrial paints generally don’t have the high quality inorganic pigments, resins, or correct gloss levels required to duplicate the original factory finishes. If the refinishing is to match the original factory finish in both gloss and color, you also need to make sure the gloss of the refinishing enamel is correct.

At High Performance Coatings, Inc Minnesota our refinishing enamels for metal/steel and anodized aluminum siding applications are custom made for us by the original coil coating manufacturers to much higher performance criteria than that of the original coating specifications.



The durability of your aluminum siding is worth investing in.

If you’re thinking of replacing your aluminum siding, think again! While the original paint on your siding will wear down, chalk and fade; the aluminum underneath can last almost indefinitely. Vinyl replaced aluminum in the 1980s as the more affordable maintenance-free siding option and while it does have its perks, it’s most definitely worth it to keep your aluminum siding around.


Powder means it’s time to paint.

Powdering or chalking of your aluminum siding doesn’t mean it’s dirty. It means the protective resins that lock pigments into place have eroded due to years of UV degradation, leaving the pigments exposed and causing them to turn into powder. Powdered siding sure isn’t great to look at, but if you keep power washing that powder off, you’re literally sanding down your paint film with water, losing even more protection. Luckily, all your aluminum siding needs is the reinforcement and protection of our self cross-linking paint for siding.



Dents? Bare to the metal? You can still paint your aluminum siding.

Dents here and there don’t mean you have to replace your aluminum siding. We can easily repair and smooth out any dents to create the perfect canvas for painting. And even if the original paint film has completely worn down and your siding is bare to the metal, you’re in luck because aluminum is one of those surfaces that holds up to paint really well!


These are our core exterior house painting services:

  • Deck and fence painting

  • Deck and fence staining

  • Garage painting

  • Porch painting

  • Shed painting

  • Exterior door painting

  • Exterior solid stains

  • Exterior trim painting


Surfaces We Paint and Stain

  • Wood Siding

  • Cedar Shingles

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Brick

  • Stucco

  • Aluminum Siding

  • Composite Siding

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