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Farm Home Painting and Restoration in Minnesota 

Surface preparation, the key to a lasting finish in Minnesota with older homes, farm homes, barns and structures of anykind

Can you identify the key to a beautiful, lasting exterior paint finish? Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t found in using quality paint alone, or proper application techniques (as important as those things are). The key to an enduring finish is skilled, thorough surface preparation. High Performance Coatings, Inc has been doing this for over 23 years and understands these kinds of structures and Minnesota conditions. 

>>Click play on the quick video below to see better what we are talking about<<
>> In this 2 minute video above you can see start to finish some of what goes into a older home and restoring the exterior painted surfaces << 

Pressure washing, scraping, stripping, sanding–it’s dirty, hard, but necessary work. In fact, more than fifty percent of the time spent working on a home’s exterior finish should be devoted to surface preparation. This kind of preparation is particularly important here in Minnesota where we experience such a wide range of weather. Historic homes (100-200 years old) are especially vulnerable because their thick layers of loose paint become too brittle to flex with seasonal changes of humidity and temperature.

High Performance Coatings, Inc Minnesota specializes in:  

  • Pressure washing of exterior surfaces, siding, decks, roofs and walkways

  • Paint and stain finishes

  • Paint failure analysis

  • Weatherproofing and caulking

  • Exotic wood finishes

  • Wrought iron

Artfully Preserving Beauty and Character

At High Performance Coatings, Inc we don’t just paint surfaces; we care for and restore them. From lathe, horsehair plaster and calcimine ceilings, to ship lap clapboards and scalloped shingles, the interior and exterior surfaces of historic homes have a distinct composition and coating history. Our understanding of New England’s rich architectural history, of historic building materials and of paint failure informs the preparation we carry out along with the type of appropriate materials we used to repair and restore historic homes. From plaster buttons to paint stripping and to rotted wood repair using epoxy consolidates and fillers, our home painters are trained problem solvers.

Older Paint

A common issue with older interiors (or exteriors) is the brittleness of the paint. Since it is prone to easy chipping, we use a variety of lead-safe methods to remove delaminating layers. On natural finishes, especially handrails and newel post caps, often a thorough cleaning with very fine steel wool is all that is needed. Contact us today and we will visit you home to provide further details on how to make your home look new once again! 

These are our core exterior house painting services:

  • Deck and fence painting

  • Deck and fence staining

  • Garage painting

  • Porch painting

  • Shed painting

  • Exterior door painting

  • Exterior solid stains

  • Exterior trim painting


Surfaces We Paint and Stain

  • Wood Siding

  • Cedar Shingles

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Brick

  • Stucco

  • Aluminum Siding

  • Composite Siding

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