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Minnesota Solid Coating Floors Systems 

Solid color, high gloss coating for both interior/exterior commercial and industrial use.  Consists of two coats of HPC poly shell or HPC epoxy shell tinted with an HPC poly shell clear top-coat.  Solid Color System is the most economical solution for a chemical and abrasion resistant flooring system and provides unmatched performance when rapid return-to-service is required.


  • Shop Floors

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Loading Docks

  • Machine / Maintenance Rooms

  • Warehouse Floors

  • Breakrooms

  • Locker Rooms

  • Rest Rooms

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Screenshot 2019-03-25 13.46.53.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 14.00.52.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 13.46.57.jpg

When it comes to protecting your concrete floor, a simple paint job isn’t going to cut it. That’s why so many people choose an epoxy floor coating for their garage, basement, or other space. Our team of professionals offers an unbeatable level of protection and design potential.


Filling in cracks and spalls, epoxy comes in many colors and artistic finishes as it creates a solid, smooth, protective surface. Available colors are practically limitless, so feel free to get creative with your design and we’ll get it done. View each of our product classes below to see the color selections and texture differences.

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